Advanced Reconciliation Manager

Our Advanced Reconciliation Manager solution automates, reconciles, and allocates all your cash movements individually. You save operational costs, reduce unallocated cash, and prevent unexpected audit and regulatory incidents.


The task of allocating large single cash receipts on the bank statement to the correct individual underlying transactions on the ledger is a laborious and manual task. The process is expensive to manage, inefficient, and can give rise to large sums of unallocated cash waiting to be correctly allocated.

Auto Payments

Our Auto Payments solution automates large scale outgoing and incoming payables and receivables at a transactional level. You eliminate the risk of errors, prevent fraud, decrease banking fees, and ensure the best use of your funds.


In this example, the client is a foreign exchange platform providing FX services to international corporates. They had won a contract to process up to 60,000 payments a day for a payroll customer but their current technology could only process 300 simultaneous payments.

Digital Cash Ledger

Our Digital Cash Ledger solution creates multiple virtual ledgers linked to a minimum number of real-world bank accounts to maximise your reporting and control while minimising your costs and reconciliation challenges.


In this example, the client has 36 banking partners with over 6000 individual bank accounts that the Treasury team had to manage and reconcile. The client’s strategic goal is to move to only 6 key banking partners and reduce the number of real-world bank accounts to a minimum number determined by currency and local regulatory requirements.

Agency Management

Our Agency Management solution helps save up to 50% of your manual workload, 80% of your working capital requirements while ensuring that 100% of your cash is reconciled and matched for all participants with an accurate cash forecasting and detailed regulatory reporting.



Managing and tracking payables and receivables flowing between a network of agencies, affiliate companies, or internal group legal entities is expensive. There is a strong reliance on manual processes across multiple teams. Interestingly enough, "internal" flows are often managed in a less disciplined way than a third party payment. Multiple bank accounts are held in all locations with unnecessarily "trapped" cash in order to cope with the poor visibility of total cash and future payments. Also, traditional netting systems can be difficult to deploy, and quite rigid in the way cycles are run.

Liquidity Management

The platform can use a range of different parameters as the cue to auto-generate payments, making it the perfect platform to create new and flexible liquidity solutions; automatically moving liquidity to where it is needed on the basis of accurate forecasting.

In-House Virtual Bank

Our In-House Virtual Bank enables medium and large multinationals to create a comprehensive in-house corporate transaction bank which will empower the corporate and commoditise the banks.



Multinational corporates maintain hundreds of accounts with several Banks all over the world, and find it increasingly difficult to manage their treasury efficiently at a reasonable cost. They are very dependent on the fragmented various cash management offerings from Corporate Banks that are slow to innovate and which do not interact with each other.