Highly configurable intelligent platform to meet your business needs

and fit your existing IT ecosystem.

The Fennech Platform

The Fennech Platform in detail

We have built a robust, industrial, strength platform that can process up to 20 million transactions a day. The platform has a set of configurable production and development tools that we use to create our products.



Fennech Digital Contracts are the core of the platform. They allow you to take any contract, policy document, invoice, debit and credit note, etc and digitise them into an object that can be read, understood, and processed by both machines and people. They are sealed and electronically signed and therefore act as a rigorous basis for audit and legal proof.

Once the data is captured in a digital object you can deploy;

  • A high level of automation and intelligent rules to simplify complex tasks

  • Robust control and audit at a transaction level

  • Detailed reporting of all transactions from multiple perspectives



Fennech Smart Transactions are the individual transactions contained within the digital contract extracted as individual objects awaiting processing according to the client’s requirements. They allow you to process the contents of any contract, policy document, invoice, debit, and credit note, etc at the lowest possible granular level. For example to only process one payment contained within a much larger invoice or statement.

Once the data is captured in a smart transaction you can deploy;

  • Individual rules and actions for single transactions

  • Robust control and audit at a transaction level

  • Detailed reporting of all individual transactions from multiple perspectives



Fennech Entities are objects that you can map smart transactions to. They are quick and easy to create and can serve multiple purposes.

They can represent;

  • Virtual bank accounts

  • Legal Entities

  • Profit & Loss Accounts

  • Trading Counterparties

  • Products

  • Program cost centres



All Fennech smart transactions are stored in a data lake which is interrogated by a multi-dimensional Hypercube.  This allows the data to be analysed in real-time, and in multiple ways, to support financial, regulatory, and management reporting.

If you want to know more regarding our capabilities, please view our IT FAQ document.