Why we have decided to go cookies free on our new website?

For Fennech’s 4th year anniversary, we decided to celebrate this important milestone by revamping our website. Interestingly, just before its launch, the question of cookies was debated amongst us like no other subject before. You may rightly ask yourselves then: why have we decided to go “cookies free” at the end of that debate? Well, because we strongly believe in trust…

  • Trust that our website visitors will come to us to get more information or when they feel a pain point in how they operate currently.

  • Trust that our prospects will easily contact us for a discussion or a live demo.

  • Finally, trust that at Fennech, our core values are not just words put on a piece of paper, but they are demonstrated in our actions.

Most of the people when browsing online do not realise the power and the value for a company to track cookies and collect data (with or without consent from them). One may argue that the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union protects individuals from abusive use of their personal information or from third party collection and consequent sales of that private data. Somehow, they are right … except that not all countries are regulated by this type of protective law. To such extent that although disclosure in a Privacy Policy is in most parts of the world advised (and potentially required), some websites do not legally require consent for cookies. Cherry on the cake … as some websites may not be secure, it allows hackers to intercept cookies and use the information they carry. No one, from small businesses to big organisations is exempt from being hacked daily. Every day on the news, we have millions of examples of well-intentioned companies being hacked and informing their consumers that they have had consumer data stolen. One might argue though, that cookies are necessary and useful information when it comes to remember shopping cart or online orders, credit cards numbers or names and emails from visitors and they are right. This information is indeed very useful and what drove our decision to have a “cookies free” website.

We, at Fennech, are not (yet) an online store nor are we selling (yet) online services ready to be consumed. The question we asked ourselves while debating was this one: “do we value more the information given to us via cookies or do we value more the trusting relationship that we want to instil with our visitors, partners and customers”. Having said that, we may in the future have to revisit our position but for now, it works.

But if we do, we will never compromise on that belief that is trust. We will make sure that we are 100% compliant with the regulation, with clear guidelines for our visitors to understand what they do consent to give away and what for. That is the minimum a company in our views should do, out of respect for its consumers.

Written by Audrey Fauvel

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